Sep 16

Yasuaki Shimizu’s “Music For Commercials” Reissued 30 Years Later

Yasuaki Shimizu’s “Music For Commercials” was first released in 1987, and even though it’s been flying under the radar since, it has garnered some notable attention, including being cited as an influence for Oneohtrix Point Never.

The opener, “Tachikawa,” immediately transports the listener to an enigmatic realm full of whish-es and bells, and from that point on any preconceived notions you may have had from the generic album title are gone. With the exception “Ka-Cho-Fu-Getsu,” which was written for a short feature and starts as a contemplative angelic piece that slowly weaves through sweeping rises and falls, beats, and meditative synths; all of the songs on the album are strange one to two minute sound snippets that were originally made for Japanese TV commercials.

The album has just been re-issued and is now available at Bandcamp. You can have a listen through it here.

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