Jun 02

Video: Maria Usbeck – “Moai Y Yo”

Maria Usbeck - Moai Y Yo

Maria Usbeck just released a whimsically soothing new video for her song “Moai Y Yo,” off of her debut album Amparo, which is out now from Cascine and Labrador records.

Ecuadorian-born and hailing from New York, she was formerly the lead singer of the new wave band Selebrities, however with her debut solo album she has returned to her native Spanish language.

In an interview for Rookie, she described her inspiration for this song:

There’s so much to it—it’s more about the placement of each of the characters in relationship to the others, and to the camera. That’s what I wanted to mimic in the video, because that’s how I developed a relationship to the Moai statues on Easter Island. They’re completely still, and usually on a bit of a step, so they’re raised above you. It’s sort of a glorification of them, where they’re placed.

Maria Usbeck – “Moai Y Yo”

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